Memphis Chrysalis Chrysalis is held two times each year....
Labor Day weekend & Martin Luther King Day weekend
It runs from Saturday to Monday evening.
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About Upcoming Chrysalis

Chrysalis Flight 54
Boy's Lay Director- Dustin Phelps
Boys' Clergy- Larry Chitwood
Boy's Location- For The Kingdom Camp
Girl's Lay Director- Rebecca Newsom
Girl' Clergy- Morgan Parks
Girl's Location- SOS
Sendoff- For The Kingdom Camp 4100 Raleigh-Millington Rdat 8:30 am 8/31/2019
Closing- For The Kingdom Campat 5:30 pm, 9/2/2019
Community Worship- 8:00 pm, 9/1/2019 at For The Kingdom
Sponsor's Hour- 9:00 am 8/31/2019
Parents Info Meeting- 9:00 am 8/31/2019

Chrysalis Community Lay Director
Lou Martin


We are so excited about the Boys Flight being located at For The Kingdom Camp. Flight 54 is coming up soon; get your application in today!!